The jig used for placa estriada de aluminio anodizado is used for anodizing aluminum plate, porque la apariencia de la plantilla y la pieza de trabajo generará rápidamente una película de óxido durante el anodizado, y un ligero aflojamiento de la plantilla y la pieza de trabajo durante este proceso cambiará la orientación del contacto y evitará el flujo de corriente, por esta razón, es necesario utilizar una plantilla con elasticidad para sujetar la pieza de trabajo. Only in this way can the anodizing process be carried out normally.

placa estriada de aluminio anodizado

Layout of fixture

The layout of the fixture is appropriate for individual type, if the assembled type is used, the riveted or welded area will be loosened by corrosion after several applications, preventing the normal flow of current in the anodic oxidation process. Together, the fixture should have a certain cross-sectional area. A fixture with a certain cross-sectional area also has sufficient elasticity and clamping force to keep the workpiece and the fixture in excellent contact and ensure the normal flow of current during the anodizing of the clamped workpiece. Prevent the workpiece from being burned due to the heat generated by poor touching.

Selection of fixture material

The manufacturing fixture is made of rigid aluminum, which is good in elasticity and durable in fastening.

Clamping of workpiece

Here are two small points, which are cleaning and de-filming of the jig and selection of clamping position

To clean the jig and remove the film is in the anodic oxidation process, the jig will also occur in the oxide film. For this reason, it is necessary to remove the oxide film before reusing the used clamps. The film removal can be done in aluminum degreasing solution. This method can also extend the life of the fixture for some fixtures. The selection of clamping position should be usually on the vice side of the workpiece (i.e. non-decorated part). Otherwise, the touching part of the workpiece and the fixture can’t generate the oxide film because it is hidden by the fixture, and of course, it can’t be colored, which will show the obvious white stain and affect the appearance quality. In addition, whether the recessed part of the workpiece suspended in the solution after clamping will occur in the nest gas and other questions should also be considered.