La plaque de roulement en aluminium a une large gamme d'applications, a aussi ses propres avantages sur la performance. Il est donc de plus en plus populaire dans l'utilisation industrielle et nous pouvons également le voir partout dans la vie quotidienne., comme la gare, ascenseur, train et ainsi de suite. À la fois, la plaque de roulement en aluminium est un matériau métallique, a des propriétés métalliques spéciales, également besoin d'utiliser des méthodes scientifiques pour l'entretien dans l'utilisation quotidienne. Let us talk about the usual maintenance of pattern aluminum in details.

First, regular cleaning, for the stains on the surface of aluminium tread plate, use the water or the corresponding cleaning agent for cleaning, stains residue easily lead to corrosion of the plate deformation.

Second, use professional spray coating on the surface film, on the one hand can form a barrier to prevent corrosion effectively, on the other hand can play the role of landscaping decoration to help it better integrate to the use environment.

Lastly, about the storage and transportation. In the storage, the aluminium tread plate should be away from the wet environment to avoid touch with the chemical substances. The storage environment should always pay attention to ventilation, no corrosive climate. In the transport process need to do the treatment of rain and snow, so to avoid the occurrence of oxidation. In the transfer process, it is necessary to be gentle to avoid wear and tear and affect the beautiful appearance on the surface.

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