What Alloys Aluminum Tread Plate Used For Stair

As the tread aluminum for stairs, 1000, 3000, and 5000 series aluminum tread plates are used, but due to the consideration of material hardness and cost, 3000 series is the most used, and the alloy models include 3003 aluminum tread plate, 3004 aluminum tread plate, 3005 aluminum tread plate, 3104 aluminum tread plate, 3105 aluminum tread plate, etc.

produced 3003 aluminum tread plate

The 3000-series aluminum plate is an al-mn alloy aluminum plate, its hardness is much higher than that of the 1000-series aluminum plate, and it also has the characteristics of light weight and high corrosion resistance of pure aluminum plate;
In terms of cost, the cost of the 3000-series aluminum plate is lower than that of the 5000-series aluminum plate, but its performance is sufficient as an aluminum sheet for stairs, unless it is used in a special environment. If it is used on a ship, then it is better to use the 5000-series aluminum sheet, because its resistance to seawater corrosion will be better;

Diamond aluminum tread plate for anti slip stair

Plain aluminium checkered chequered plate for truck floor stair