The Aluminum Tread Plate is suitable for anti-skid aluminum and aluminum alloy single-sided patterned plates for buildings, vehicles, ships, and aircrafts. The Aluminum Tread Plates used by customers are custom-made, and the specifications of the patterned plates can be customized, with no limit on length, width or thickness. What are the dimensions and specifications of the Aluminum Tread Plate shared by Yongxiang Aluminum staff?

The commonly used specifications of the Aluminum Tread Plate: the length is generally 6m, the width is 800mm~1800mm, the width is 1250mm, the thickness is 0.5mm~8mm, and the middle is incremented by 0.5mm. There are three kinds of patterns: diamond shape, lentil shape and round bean shape.

specifications of the aluminum tread plate

Dimensions of Aluminum Tread Plate:

  • 1. The thickness of the aluminum veneer for outdoor use is generally 2.5mm or 3mm; the thickness of the lower floor and podium can be 2.0mm, and the thickness of the indoor wall and ceiling can be 1.0mm or 1.5mm.
  • 2. 8x1060x6000 mm, 2.0x1260x6000 mm, 3.0x1260x6000 mm, etc. There are many types of steel plates, and each type has different thickness and size. Its surface has a very beautiful pattern, which not only has a good overall effect, but also plays an anti-skid role to ensure safety.
  • 3. Aluminum sheet specification: 0.15mm-500mm, width: 100mm-2000mm, length: 1000mm-9000mm
  • 4. Aluminum coil specifications: 0.05mm-15mm, width: 15mm-2000mm
  • 5. Specifications of Aluminum Tread Plate: 1mm-10mm Width: 1000mm-1500mm Length: 2000-3000mm
  • 6. Specification table of aluminum square tube: mouth 10mm*10mm~mouth 200mm*200mm Wall thickness range: 3mm~20mm